VCP (Value, culture & philosophies)(D/L) Governance profile

  Our Corporate Mission
​To Provide Value-Added GRC Training, Outsourcing Consulting, and Internal Audit Services  with Immediate Impact.


Our Vision
To become industry knowledge leader on GRC Consulting, Training & Internal Audit Assurance in Africa.


Our Culture
Value-Added Insight, Due Diligence, Client Satisfaction, Innovation & Customization.


Our Philosophies​
Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Accountability, Sustainability, & Relationship



Our Governance Team

Adewale Abdulfattah Ademokunla, MBA, CIA, CFE, CSOE, CRMA


Ade is the Africa Managing Partner for Resource Result. He has been an accountant for over 20 years and leads our Auditing and Risk Management Department. When it comes to risk and compliance, he and his team will ensure you make the most out of every deal. 

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Olusola Agbi, PMP, CCSP, CISA, CCCNA


Sola, Our managing Partner in Canada has been at the helm of our management team since we started. He specializes in I.T Compliance, Project Management, planning, regulatory compliance and structuring. He sees the big picture in every situation. 

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Moranti Falade, MBA, ACCA, PhD.


Moranti is our managing partner in the U.K, She believes a successful business has great people at the heart of it. That It's why she is the best when it comes to financial restructuring, data analytics and out sourcing services.

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What We do


GRC (Governance, Risk & Control) Consulting

  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Implementation
  • Business Process Improvement
  • GRC / ERP's Implementation
  • U.S.A SOX 404/302 Compliance
  • ITGC Compliance Testing
  • Internal Control Optimization
  • Forensic Fraud Investigation
  • Internal Audit Assurance
  • I.T System Compliance Testing
  • 360 Degree Risk Assessment

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GRC Industry Focused Trainings

  • Banking & Micro Finance GRC Trainings
  • Manufacturing GRC Trainings
  • Insurance GRC Trainings
  • Pensions Funds GRC Trainings
  • Telecommunications GRC Trainings
  • Aviation GRC Trainings
  • Public Sectors GRC Trainings
  • Non-For-Profits GRC Trainings
  • Across All Sectors Departmental GRC Trainings

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Partial / Full Business Outsourcing

  • Ethics / Code of Conduct Hotline Management
  • Audit, Finance & Accounting Temporary Staffing
  • Internal Audit Assurance
  • Retreat Facilitator / Speaker
  • I.T Hot / Cold Site Backup Facilities
  • I.T Penetration Compliance Testing 
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Hiring of Top Executive Talents in Audit, Finance & Accounting
  • Restructuring, down sizing, Merger / Acquisition Management
  • Fill-Ins for top executive in transition
  • GRC Transformation Services

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