GRC / ERM (Enterprise Risk Management Proposal) Downloads

  • Resource Result GRC (Governance, Risk, Control & Compliance / ERM Implementation gives opportunities to credible organization to sensitize governance policies, internal control, mitigates risk  and improve business processes.
  •  GRC is an acronym for Governance, Risk and Compliance. The G stands for governance. Simply put, this means taking care of business and making sure that things are done according to the standards, rules and regulations in the environment in which the business operates. It also means outlining clearly your expectations of what should be done, so that everyone knows how your company is run.  

Business Process Improvement (Downloads)

  • In what ever we do, there is always room for improvement. Continuous process improvement assessment, provide you an opportunity to benchmark best practices and leverage world-class  experience to optimize your scarce resources for optimal competitive and economic advantage for all stake holders.  At Resource Result, we have the time, tools, expertise and experience to help improve your organization process.

Risk Assessment & Internal Controls Optimization (Downloads)

  • All endeavors in private or public sectors are associated with different risks. When last have your organization conducted Governance, operational, financial, fraud, and I.T,  risk assessment? You can't fix, what you don't know is an issue or a challenge.  Internal Control help mitigates risks with reasonable assurance.  At Resource Result we have  over a decade of hands-on global world-class experience to help you optimize and consolidate your internal controls.

ERP's, I.T System & ITGC Compliance Testing Downloads


  • In a fast-moving, constantly changing global economy opportunities wait for no one. Agility, speed and flexibility are essential in getting operations up and running fast following the launch of new products or services, acquiring or merging companies, entering new markets or geographic expansion. 

IPPF & Internal Audit Assurance (Downloads)


  • An objective examination of evidence for the purpose of providing an independent assessment on governance, risk management, and control processes for the organization. Examples may include financial, performance, compliance, system security, and due diligence engagements. 

  • Advisory and related client service activities, the nature and scope of which are agreed with the client, are intended to add value and improve an organization’s governance, risk management, and control processes without the internal auditor assuming management responsibility. Examples include counsel, advice, facilitation, and training.


Forensic Fraud Investigation & Prevention (Downloads)

U.S.A SOX 404 / 302 Compliance Testing (Downloads)