Faculty of General Risk Management (Downloads)


  • Department of Manufacturing
  • Department of Banking & Finance
  • Department of Oil & Gas 

  • Department of Aviation

  • Department of Telecommunication 

  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Work Shop

  • Project & Project Risk Management for Professionals

  • Forensic Fraud Risk Management Master Class

  • Pension and Pension Fund Risk Management

  • Taxation Risk Management: A Financial Manipulation perspective

  • Aviation Risk Management

  • Public Sector Waste and Abuse Risk Management.

  • Insurance Risk Management. A 360 degree  Approach

  • Manufacturing Risk Management. A 360 Degree  Approach.

  • Telecommunication Risk Management. A 360  Degree Approach

  • Legislative Risk Management. A Good Governance Perspective

  • Banking Operational Risk Management

  • Securities Instrument & Capital Market  Risk Management

  • Governance & Strategic Risk Management

  • HR (Human Resource) Emerging Risk Management

  • Managing Communication Risk. A 360 Degree Approach

  • Hospitality & Hotel Risk Management.  A Leakage Prevention Perspective


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Faculty for Global Certifications (Downloads)


  • The CFE is Just One Exam (One sitting). CFE Classes will be held over 4-6 weekends, Saturdays Only, Covering all the Four Modules. Qualification Requirement – A minimum qualification of OND, HND & Bsc. No Exceptions / Exemptions. Added advantage is your background work experience. To aid you in better appreciation / assimilation of study materials and understanding of basic principles.



  • The CIA is a 3 Part exam, meaning that you have to sit for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 Exams, And Pass them to become a Certified Internal Auditor. Qualification Requirement – A minimum qualification of OND, HND & Bsc. No Exceptions / Exemptions.Added advantage is your background work experience - that is, if you are working in the following depts/units, it aids in candidates' better appreciation / assimilation of study materials and understanding of basic principles. Comprehension is of utmost importance to enhance passing capabilities:




Faculty of Leadership & Governance (Downloads)


  • Department of Public Sector
  • Department of Not-for-Profit

  • Department of Corporate Governance 

  • Leading organization for success
  • Change risk management
  • Leadership risk management
  • Creative thinking & innovation  management

  • Data analytics & strategic reporting

  • Communication & report writing management



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Faculty of Audit & Internal Controls (Downloads)

  Department of Audit & Internal Controls    

  • Department of Auditing    
  • Department of monitoring and compliance    
  • Department of evaluation and enforcement    
  • Department of fraud and fraud risk      management
  • Integrated Risk Based Auditing Best Practices. What all Auditors need to know!

  • Effective Communication & Report Writing for Internal Control / Compliance Professionals

  • Conducting Risk Assessment and Control Evaluation for Professionals

  • Audit Program & Planning for Compliance Professionals. A Risk Based Approach.

  • Credit & Market Risks. An Internal Control Management Perspective

  • Evaluation & Monitoring Internal Control Management. A Customized Approach for Regulatory Agencies.

  • Account Payable & Receivable Internal Control Management

  • Procurement & Vendor Internal Controls Management

  • Salary & Payroll Internal Control Management

  • Regulatory & Compliance Internal Controls Management. A Customized Approach for Regulators.

  • Public Sector Revenue Leakage Controls      & Risk Management

  • ERM & COSO Framework Development for  Controls and Compliance Consolidation

  • IPSAS Master Class. An Accounting and  Controls Framework for Public Sector

  • AML (Anti Money Laundering) risk management  and compliance

  • FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) What you need to know!

  • Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) Process Improvement. A Sustainable Approach for Governance!

  • SOX 404 Compliance Master Class. Leveraging U.S.A Control & Compliance Best Practices

  • Internal Controls over Financial Reporting. What you need to know!

  • Internal Control over Hospitality & Hotel Management. A Fraud Prevention Approach.

  • Cost Control & Budget Risk Management.  A Waste and Abuse Prevention Approach.

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Faculty of Accounting & Finance (Downloads)


  • Department of accounting risk management

  • Department of insurance risk management

  • Department of pension risk management

  • Department of treasury risk management

  • Department of budget and financial risk   management

  • Conducting Financial, Fraud and Operational Risk Assessment

  • Finance & Treasury Fraud Risk Management

  • Accounting for Non-Accountants. Anatomy for Financial Statements

  • Financial Statement Fraud? Catch me. If you can!

  • Asset Management. A Risk Management  Perspective

  • Prevention and Detection of Financial Fraud.

  • Accounting for Non-Accounting Executives

  • Financial Statement Interpretation for Audit Committee and Board

  • Financial Planning & Modeling

  • IFRS Master Class for Reporting Professionals

  • Forensic Accounting for Professionals

  • Financial and Data Analysis for Executive Decision


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Faculty of I.T System & ITGC (Downloads)


  • Department of  IT Compliance

  • Department of IT Assurance
  • Department of IT Consulting

  •  Department of ITGC (IT General Control)

  • Department of General Computer Learning

Faculty of Fraud Risk Management (Downloads)


  • Manufacturing Fraud. A 360 Degree Approach

  • Insurance Fraud. A 360 Degree Approach

  • Securities & Capital Market Fraud. A 360 Degree Approach

  • Oil & GAS Fraud. A 360 Degree Approach

  • Pension & Pension Fund Fraud. A 360  Degree Approach

  • Public Sector Waste, Fraud & Abuse Prevention

  • Banking & Finance Fraud. A 360 Degree Approach

  • Telecommunication Fraud. What you need to know!

  • Procurement Fraud. What you need to know!

  • Salary & Payroll Fraud. A control gap perspective

  • Legislature Fraud. Budget &  Appropriation Perspective

  • Legal & Judiciary Fraud. A Legal  Manipulation Perspective

  • Local Government Waste, Fraud & Abuse Prevention

  • Tax Fraud? Catch me. If you can!

  • Mortgage Fraud Risk Management

  • Fraud Examiner Master Class. A Fraud  Prevention Approach

  • Hospitality & Hotel Fraud Risk Management. A Leakage Preventive Approach

  • Financial Statement fraud. Gaming the  numbers? Catch me. If you can!

  • Sales & Revenue Fraud. A Leakage  Prevention Perspective.


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Faculty of Social Science & Personal Development (Downloads)

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Faculty of Process Improvement & Compliance (Downloads)


  • Department of fixed asset and inventory      management

  • Department of remuneration & payroll      management

  • Department of record keeping and management
  • Inventory & Store Keeping Process Improvement Management


  • Policies, Procedures and Control framework  development

  • IPPF Internal Audit Quality Control.  A Global Best Practices

  • Hospitality & Hotel Process Improvement. An Internal Control Approach.

    Budgeting and Financial Analysis Modelling

  • Account Payable & Receivables Control  Improvement

    Salary & Payroll Process improvement Management.

  • Fixed & Current Asset Process  Management

  • Evaluation and Monitoring Process Management

  • Record Keeping & Filling Process Management

  • Procurement & Vendor Process management

  • Data Analysis & Strategy Report Presentation

  • Effective Communication & Communication  Processing

  • Internal Controls over Financial Statement & Reporting

  • Project Management for Project Professionals


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Faculty of Africa Culture & Business for Global Students

  • African Cultural Relations
  • Doing Business in Africa
  • Understanding African Science
  • African Politics and style
  • African Social Life style
  • African History & Heritage
  • Doing Business in Nigeria. What you need to know!
  • Nigeria Cultural Heritage
  • Nigeria Leadership and Politics
  • Managing Business Risk in Nigeria
  • Nigeria Business Opportunities

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